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Buford, GA

If you have found this web page, you are probably thinking of having a new boat cover made, or are looking for one to purchase online.

So lets explore your options . . . .

You have two choices

1. You can locate a custom marine canvas shop in your area.

We have always felt that custom boat covers are the way to go if your budget will allow, but having a custom made ttop boat cover can be very expensive. These covers are challenging and require skill to make a sharp looking, well fitting boat cover that will be able to stand the rigors of towing and the test of time.

2. Buy from an online marine cover manufacturer.

You will find your choices limited online.

The reason for this is because it’s hard to make universal covers to fit the wide variety of shapes and styles that they need to adapt too. Some of the universal covers available online or in a retail store may not fit as well as you might like?

Common attachment options from

the cover to the t top

Attaching to the t top is done three ways.

1. Webbing straps – usually 1” webbing straps with quick release buckles strategically placed on the cover for attaching to the tubing structure of the boats Ttop.

This attachment style can be found in both custom and online Ttop boat covers and they work well when the straps are placed correctly.

2. Snaps – directional fasteners (snaps that only snap on and off in one direction) are good for high wind and stress. Custom canvas shops often use snaps and sometimes a combination of both snaps and straps.

You wouldn’t find snap attachment options available online, because the seller wouldn’t expect you install the snaps on the boat yourself.

3. Boat track – this is the same track used on the sides of RVs to attach the shade awning to the vehicle.

The boat track would be either aluminum or pvc and would screw or rivet in strategic places to the underside of the t top.

This is a favorite installation method used by custom canvas shops for attaching t top boat covers. This installation method is favored for its strength. Sliding the welt that is sewn on the canvas into the boat track is a quick and easy way to install Ttop boat covers.

Attaching your Ttop boat covers to the boat.

The most common way is with a draw string or webbing that is sewn into the hem.

We build ours with both rope or webbing in the hem depending on the boat and the needs of the boat owner.

When we use rope we like to add rope ratchets.

These handy little ratchets make cinching the cover tight, so easy. They can often be added to existing draw string covers as a retro-fit to make life easier.

Carolina Rope Ratchet ®

Trademark of

Carolina North Mfg.

Note * - to retro-fit a draw string cover with a rope ratchet you will need about 8” of open space for the ratchet, since the ratchet will not fit inside of the drawstring hem.

The same goes for webbing sewn inside the hem. When webbing is used you can’t do without a ratchet. It would be next to impossible to pull the webbing tight enough without a ratchet.

Pro-grip ® Ratchet

Trademark of Ace Hardware

Note * - Webbing ratchets can be drawn tighter than rope ratchets.

The last attachment worth mentioning is how you tie down to the trailer.

This can be done with rope or quick release webbing straps. We prefer webbing straps for securing the cover to the trailer. You can see these tie downs in the first Ttop boat cover photo above.

What about boat fabric and other materials.

We do have our favorites and we have built a very special boat cover materials page just to help you with these decisions. Please visit it and let us know if you have any questions.

If you decide to have a custom Ttop boat cover built and you need some helpful tips for choosing a custom canvas shop, check out our custom boat cover page .

If you decide to buy online, we have a great option for you!

Ttop Boat Covers!

You'll find these covers affordable and very well made!

Photo Courtesy of T Top Boat Covers

We first learned of this company when one of their covers came in for a zipper modification. The boat owner wanted to add another entry point in the cover. I was so impressed with their covers that I called them to let them know that I was really impressed with their covers and now I am passing this on to you.

What makes Ttop Boat Covers unique?

  • Each cover is made for just one model of boat.
  • Covers that fit properly.

  • Easy to install.
  • Choice of port or starboard zipper entry (They use #10 YKK boat zippers).
  • Heavy 1” Nylon UV webbing.

  • Antiwick Dabond 138# thread.
  • Weathermax 80 boat fabric with a 5 year warranty. 
  • Top Notch Elite also a fabric with a 5 year warranty
  • Best of all they are honorable folks.

T-Top Boat Covers come in Black and Blue, other colors are may be available.

It just doesn’t get any better than that, unless you want to find a really high quality custom canvas shop in your neighborhood (not as easy to do as you might think) and have a boat cover made to your exact specifications.

Here are a few other great T Top Boat Cover products from the fine folks at T-Top Boat Covers.

We hope you have found this information helpful.

You can contact T-TOP Boat Covers directly at 


If you still have questions, please ask!

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