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Boat Cover Repair Advisor Newsletters, Issue #002 -- Something New
March 16, 2017

Ahoy Fellow Boaters!

As we all know, boat canvas certainly has its challenges! If it's not the shrinking canvas, it's the snaps pulling out or tearing. Once in awhile, something new comes along that I want to share with my fellow boaters. That ‘something new’ is a company named Surefas® which is a European company making a big splash in the US. Maybe you have heard me discuss directional boat snaps before, but in case you haven’t then allow me to explain. Directional boat snaps are either removable in only one direction or you have to do something special in order to release the snap. Why is this? Because snaps are infamous for coming unsnapped all by themselves, and sometimes you just need that extra holding power.

So, thanks to Surefas®, we now have Perfix® and Q-Snap® boat snaps. Perfix® is a squeeze and release snap, and Q-Snap® is a catch and snap style. Both are designed to make snapping easier for all of us! So be sure to check out these Perfix® and Q-Snap® starter kits by Surefas®.

Just follow these links to view and purchase either Surefas® starter kit:
Perfix by Surefas AND Q-Snap by Surefas

Before I go, I just have to share one more ‘something new’ with you! We all know how beautiful Sunbrella® furniture fabric is, right? Well, have you heard of Gobella? This new fabric line by Gobella® is just incredible!

Follow this link to check out their amazing outdoor furniture fabric line and let me know what you think!
Geobella Fabrics

Boating Season is just around the bend, so get ready mates!

Looking Forward to Your Next Visit!
Your Canvas Lady,

Tammy Hampton
Canvas Boat Cover & Repair Advisor

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