Are you familiar with windstorm brand boat covers?

by Pete Kennon
(Bay Area, CA)

Hello Tammy,

I have recently acquired my first boat and am looking to purchase a cover for it. Seeing as it's a classic (1978 cobalt I/O Tri hull, 18' 2" in length), my options appear to be somewhat limited. I'm looking for a cover that fits well, so a semi custom cover seems to be the best option for my needs.

The boat will be kept outside year round and see rain, sun and occasionally frost with temperatures ranging from as low as the mid 20's to highs reaching the mid 100's as I reside in Northern California. There is a sunbrella cover for my boat but it is of course the most expensive at $500.00+ followed closely by sun-dura which is still pricy at $400.00+.

Your site has been the most informative and helpful giving great insight of said covers but there is no mention of Windstorm brand boat covers by Eevelle. I'm considering one based off of their warranty which is seven years as well as the price which is just below $300.00.

Have you had any experience with this brand of cover regarding the type of material and overall fit? I'm looking to get the right cover for my application. I understand it's not prudent to make a decision based solely on price alone however if this cover is comparable to the sunbrella line or even the sun-dura line it would be nice to save the additional expense that comes with them.

Thanks for making this site available and taking the time to respond to questions like mine. I hope to hear from you soon.

Pete Kennon

Hi Pete,
I haven't had my hands on a windstorm boat cover. What I have found is that different boat covers have different strengths and weaknesses. From what I have read with the windstorm, it looks like a solid boat cover. The warranty is good, the fabric is going to be a polyester of some time which clearly has a 5 year warranty itself, which I like. It has some nice sized tie down loops. Things I would want to know that I can't see are what are the thread specs, what is the webbing made out of. I think you can get that info by using the contact us page on windstorms website. It would be awesome if the thread were 138 polyester, and polyester webbing.
Carver is a boat cover that most are happy with. Taylor made now uses tenara(lifetime thread) on their seams.
Windstorm uses shock cord in the hem, you may find it will stretch some as it ages. Since windstorm is the new kid on the block, there is not much out there on the web yet.
Overall I don't think it will disappoint you, especially if the price point fits with what you are looking to invest. If you decide to invest this boat cover, come back and post a follow comment. I would like to hear back from you.
Thanks for the question.

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