Is your boat canvas Shrinking?
Try EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers Instead of Boat Canvas Snap Extenders!

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Instantly Relax The Fit! 

     EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers Help By:

  • Adding 1" instantly where needed
  • There is no sewing required
  • Making your boat enclosure operational again
  • Using EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers instead of marine canvas button extensions restores your canvas to it's original position and secures and fastens in a way boat cover snap extenders never could. 
  • EZ-Xtend Zippers are 1" in width. If needed, you can also use more than one EZ-Xtend Zipper mated together in order to fill wider gaps between your zippers.
  • Providing a dry and comfortable boating adventure for your friends and family
  • You can easily determine what zipper size you need
EZ-Xtend Boat Zipper

Do any of these photos look like your shrinking boat canvas?  

Try EZ-Xtend Boat Zipper to relax the fit instantly!

Here is a close up of how an EZ-Xtend Boat Zipper works

what Size Zipper Do You Have?

The safest way to tell what size zipper is on your boat is to inspect the zipper pull.  The tab you grab onto with your thumb and forefinger are the secret.  Watch the video below and learn how!!!

Finally, if your still having trouble identifying your zippers, reach out to us

and we can send a mini sample of the two sizes.

Use the Contact Us Form

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See Patented EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers before and after photos on the Sea Ray below!

Sea Ray Before

A Sea Ray boat cover before using our zippers

Sea Ray After

A Sea Ray boat cover after using our zippers

Happy EZ-Xtend Boat Zipper Customer!

EZ-Xtend Boat Zipper CustomerEZ-Xtend Boat Zipper Customer Lisa

I received an unexpected text one weekend not too long ago with the photo pictured above. 

It said: "Dear inventor of easy extend zippers, you are a genius!  You are my hero.  I bought three of them from you last week.  I just installed the first one by myself.  I am a 53 year old woman.  It was easy.  Now I can close the canvas on my 30 foot cruiser in Harrison Township, Michigan.  Thank you, thank you!!!

I can't tell you how pleased I was to hear this news!  She went on to tell me that she had actually broken a finger struggling with her canvas.  

Not a problem anymore!  Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your story!  

See what Gary, a Sea Ray Boat owner, has to say about EZ-Xtend zipper extender!

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Evaluate Your Old Zippers!

Run your fingers across the zipper teeth: 

  • If the teeth feel crumbly and your finger comes away chalky, it is definitely time to replace. 
  • If your teeth have eroded and look small and are without definition, replace the zipper.
  • If the zipper has broken or is missing retaining box or pin, replace the zipper. Boat zippers need to be checked regularly for these problems.

EZ-Xtend Zippers can be a helpful repair  instead of snap extenders when your old zippers are still in good condition, so it is important that you take the time to evaluate the old zippers. 

Important! EZ-Xtend Zippers do not decrease the likelihood of zipper failure. They are designed to correct fit and provide other repair assistance.

3 Methods To Determine Zipper Teeth Size

  1. Use the zipper slider tabs to determine the size.
  2. Print this Actual Size Zipper PDF, take it to your boat, and follow the instructions. 
  3. Use the form on the Contact Us page and request a mini sample of both zipper teeth sizes and take them to the boat.

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PLEASE READ Before Ordering!

  1. Evaluate your old zippers for strength and integrity (see instructions above).
  2. EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers are compatible with YKK and Lenzip, but not RiRi.
  3. Know what size zipper you need before ordering (see instructions above) If unsure, order a sample using our contact us page.  
  4. Zippers are to be cut to length on your boat.
  5. EZ-Xtend Zippers are only usable on completely separating zippers. They cannot be used if one end of your zipper is sewn shut.
  6. You will receive installation instructions.

questions about EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers?

Use the "Ask a Question" form at the bottom of this page.  Please include your email address.

We'd love to use your questions on our website to help educate our future visitors!  

If you prefer to remain anonymous, or don't want your communication published, please mention this on your contact form.

YKK is a registered trademark of YKK

Lenzip is a registered trademark of Lenzip

Riri is a registered trademark of Riri

Do You Have a Question You Would Like to Ask About EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers or Marine Zippers?

We'd like to help you find a solution! You just might be able to help someone else trying to solve the same problem. Please include your email address, we may choose to contact you directly with an answer to your question.

What Questions Have Other Visitors Asked?

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I believe zippers are #8. Is it possible to have both 8 and 10 o. Same boat enclosure? 
I believe zippers are #8. Is it possible to have both 8 and 10 o. Same boat enclosure? Hi Catherine, Yes, it is possible for both #8 and #10 marine …

Can the extender come with retainers on both sides? 
Can the EZ extend zipper come with retainers for both sides? The zipper works perfectly but the slide comes off. There is no retainer on the zipper. …

What type of zipper slider do I need? 
Currently have a 2007 Hurricane Bimini cover with a lenszip non locking slider #10 that has broken. Need to replace the slider. The teeth are in good shape. …

Can I attach the extender at home on the enclosure panels before I attach it to the bars and put it on the boat./ 
I have trouble attaching my enclosure to the snaps due to shrinkage. On your videos all the zippers are installed with the enclosure on the boat up …

How do I get the #10 zipper pull onto #10 coil zipper that was cut to length without damaging it so it opens and closes correctly? 
I am attempting to replace a zipper on a boat cover but don’t know how to get the zipper pull onto the cut length zipper so it will zip and unzip properly? …

Unsure of zipper size. Unsure if slider is metal or plastic 
Can you determine the size that i need from the photos sent? If they are wrong size can they be returned? Thankyou

Can you replace a Sunbrella Boat Cover zipper without sewing it on? 
On my large boat enclosure, I have a couple of Zippers that look perfectly fine except the zipper's "thread" has broken loose and has about 15 to 20 inches …

Will your EZ-Xtend Boat Zipper (#10) work if you have 1 or 2 teeth missing on either side of original zipper? 
I have a gap in the Sunbrella Enclosure over the Helm of my boat, where the zippers come together. I have several panels of eisenglass with zippers. …

Can you put a zipper and box on both sides of the extend zipper? 
The zippers (yk10) on my boat must have been and old style, with boxes that were pressed on and not one piece. Both boxes and the sliders fell off. I can't …

Can these zippers be used in tandem? 
I have a brand new cockpit enclosure on a Catalina 30. The overhead connecting canvas from the bimini to the dodger is tight enough that if it is unzipped, …

Hi could you make the Ez-Xtend zipper with #10 on one side & #8 on the on the other side  
My original canvas for my 2004 Four Winns 348 Vista has all #10 teeth on it. I have a new complete set of new canvas that have #8 zippers on it. I am …

I''m ordering your bimini boat straps from amazon and black and white are shown but after I choose the quanity there is no place to choose the color???? 
I am ordering bimini boat straps from amazon but there is no place to choose whether or not I want white or black. Nancy, you can order them here …

Do you make a wider Zipper? 
I bought a pair of your Extend -a- zippers, and I think your idea and the product are great. Unfortunately I either need to get another set of the one …

How do I know what type of zipper I have since you're not compatible with Riri 
I'm actually looking to use this on a golf cart enclosure. It has 5 teeth per inch but want to make sure it's compatible with your extend zipper The …

I have 5 separate isinglass panels off windshield  
Do I need every panel to have its own zipper. Yes, every panel needs it's own zipper. Marine zippers that separate have a beginning and end. At …

Do you advise cutting a hole in a cover to create a place to have a zipper? 
I just purchased a new waverunner. It came with a nice new cover to protect it from the elements. I attach the waverunner it to my dock with mooring whips, …

Is this a size 8? 
I just wanted to double check with you on the attached picture to see if this is in fact a size 8 zipper? We have a 1996 SeaRay Sundancer 240 with the …

how can i repair a series of little holes 1"x1" in the side window of our enclosure ? 
how can i repair a series of little holes 1"x1" in the side window of our enclosure ? Chris you really can't repair them so they won't be noticeable. …

What happens if your panels are 6 inches from each other? 
I use a bridge cover for my boat but I am selling my boat. I need to put up my eisinglass that hasn't been up in 5 years. It doesn't come close to matching …

my isenglass zipper is exactly 30" long. it is a #8. what do i order 
The side curtains on my 360 Sundancer are not aligning up easily. Managed to do it last year. Like the top is shrinking. i think the ez-extend solution …

Shipping to Australia 
Hi .. I have to tried to order a few extenders and to pay by paybal but I could not as the US is the only country that I can select from the list. How …

I would like to know if a EZ-Xtend #5 size is available in a 58" length? 
I have a pop-up tent trailer that has had the plastic view panels of the canvas top shrink and need the extending capability of your boat zipper located …

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Can one EZ-Xtend be cut in half and used for two smaller pieces of canvas? If so, what else do I need to purchase? No, one ez-xtend can not be cut in …

EZ-Xtend boat Zipper sizing 
The zippers on my camper canvas are 35", can I get by with the 34" EZ-Xtend boat zippers or do I need to step up to the next size for one inch? Thanks, …

can you use these on a jeep soft top? 
my rear window zipper will not zip, and i cant pull hard enough to zip it. the zipper is a #10 ykk I have had one customer who used this on a Jeep top. …

Are you compatable with PK zippers used on Monterey cruisers? 
The top canvas is too tight. I need to extend the standoff bar wrap around. Likely the side curtains as well. The zippers are PK. This is a Monterey …

Hoping, hoping, hoping 
I'm a new boat owner. I bought a 2005 Key West DC. The curtains, that seem almost new / never used, have clearly shrunk & I am hopeful that your product …

I have a 72 inch zipper> how do i match the length? 
I have a canvas/plastic roll up door with zippers on both sides for the boats canvas bridge enclosure. Some how--shrinking or cover frame out of whack …

zipper availability longer than 93 inches? 
I have two number 10 zippers for my canvas on the fly bridge they are over your 93 inch limit are black and the actual length is 96 inches. do you have …

ez extend for zipper repair 
I had half a zipper replaced, thinking the other half was protected by a flap on my Bimini top. Now teeth are breaking on the older half, can I use this …

My zipper has more teeth than your examples. What to do. The zipper pull broke in half. 
The zipper pull itself broke in half. The zipper is smaller than your number 8 or 10. It has more teeth. What to do? Looks like my zipper has 8 or 9 teeth …

Can I use this on an RV zipper repair? 
I have a broken zipper on a pop-up camper. Does the EZ tend have to be sewn over the fabric of the broken zipper, or is it glued? All zippers in …

Do you offer larger zippers ? 
Our UK Sail stack pac came with a zipper along the top of it that runs the entire length. It's a big zipper that measures 4 teeth in an inch and is aprox. …

How many "S.S. Zipper Stops" come with 2 #8 60" EZ-Xtend Zippers? I need at least 6. Is there a seperate order form for the "Stops"? 
How many "S.S. Zipper Stops" come with 2 #8 60" EZ-Xtend Zippers? I need at least 6. Is there a separate order form for the "Stops"? We send two …

can your zipper be shortened 
I have a gap between zippers on the boat top canvas and the zippers on the isenglass side panels on a searay sundancer. The zipper are approximately 30 …

How do I sew a zipper in an arch or semi circle? 
I'm not sure if I need to cut the zipper different lengths! I'm not sure which side to sew in first! Should I sew the inner part first or the outer part. …

How do you attach the "Stop" step by step? I guess each zipper comes with 1 handle so you are supposed to cut it to length then throw away the excess, is that correct? 
General questions about the product. Hi Randy, Yes,that is the idea. Just cut the EZ-Xtend Zipper to length on your boat, after zipping it into place. …

Is the picture above determining whether I have a # 8 or # 10 zipper demonstrating a # 8? It could be either depending on where you start to measure. Thanks.  
Have a couple of broken teeth and cover is too tight on my 2009 310 Searay No photo came through. Start counting in between the teeth. Full teeth inside …

where do I get the zipper stop from?  
I have to cut your ex-xtend zippers to length...where do I get the zipper stops from? They will come with it, along with instructions on how to do. …

I lost the slider on one panel. Can I get a replacement 
zipper slider/pulls are a part of a zipper that can be replaced. They come in metal, plastic and they also come in #10 stainless steel for those who want …

Does the ykk 10v mean that I should order size 10? 
Does the ykk 10v mean that I should order size 10? Hi Rob, Yes ykk 10v stands for vislon. Vislon is the the plastic that ykk makes the teeth out of. …

Does anyone in New Zealand stock your zippers? 
finding a stockist in New Zealand Here is a list of phone numbers for YKK New Zealand. They will tell you directly who the distributors are for marine …

can i order a 20 inch zipper ? how much cost? Hi John, No I don't carry 20" marine zippers. However, it is very easy to cut down a zipper to the right size. Just …

I need an 18 inch ez -extend #8 
Recently purchased ez-xtend boat zipper works great I now would like to get an 18 inch #8 ez-xtend boat zipper. Hi Marvinsax, Glad to hear of your …

There are 16 teeth per inch on this cover. 
I am trying to replace the zipper for a cover to the awning on the boat. There are 16 teech per inch. Will the #8 or #10 work, or neither. thanks …

When I order a quantity of one EZ-Extend zipper is it a pair of them or is it just one? 
Aft isinglass panels tough to zipper to arch on both port and starboard side. The EZ-Xtend zipper is a single unit, sold one at a time. They have …

when i order zippers, do I get both sides 
I have one side but am missing the other Good Question, yes you get both sides!

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How hard is it to cut your EZ-Xtend zippers and add the stop for it? 
I have a SeaRay with Camper top canvas. The canvas is 2002 and the panels doesn't fit at the sides. Your product looks like it would give me the extra …

Zipper lenghts 
My front zippers consists of 2 separate 38" zippers. Can I get by with just 36" zippers now that you have them or am I better off getting the 60" and cutting …

The Zipper pull has popped off do I need to get it fixed before I can use the EZxtend 
Pontoon Boat Cover is So tight that I popped off the Zipper Pull Trying to zip it. How does the EZx tend attach? Will I need to get the puller fixed first? …

Century 2200 CC 2006 
The zipper on my Century 2200 2006 CC is broken. It curves at two corners. Can I replace/repair it with the EZ-Xtend zipper? Hi William, I am going …

If I do one zipper along the top looks like I have to go all the way around and do all the panels so the zippers on the sides would match up , correct ? 
Shrunkin canvas.... You can use just one, but you would then need a pair of Align-a-zips on either side of the panel you lowered. Once the panel is …

Zipper repair? 
I have a 1985 Grady White Sailfish. The isinglass panel on the helm side is torn along the seam. I tried to remove the whole section, but one of the …

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