Boat Cover Terminology

Have you ever been trying to do a computer search for a certain type of boat cover, but were unsure of what the boat cover terminology for it was?  Or maybe you've called your local marine canvas fabricator to get a quote, but requested a quote for the wrong type of cover?
It happens here all the time.  We often receive phone calls from boaters wanting a quote on a particular piece of canvas, and then usually need to spend the first 5 minutes asking questions to make sure we are on the same page.
We thought it would be helpful to share this informative photo chart of boat cover terminology.  This handy chart was developed years ago by the Marine Fabricators Association as an educational tool.
I hope you'll find it to be a great reference tool worth saving!  

Ameritex Fabric Systems Boat Cover Terminology Charts

Here also, is a link to another boat cover terminology chart done by Ameritex Fabric System.  We like this company and watch their development team, they are always designing new and innovative products for the boat canvas industry.  

Ameritex is large boat cover manufacturing company that has really done an outstanding job of making mass manufactured canvas and take care of good many boat companies OEM canvas.  

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