Many Bimini Tops for Pontoon Boats Are Available Online!
Should You Repair Yours or Replace It? How Do You Choose?


  • Should I repair or replace it?
  • The difference between custom and retail bimini tops for pontoon boats.
  • Pontoon bimini add-ons.
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We get regular phone calls about bimini tops for pontoon boats.

The following is a list of questions and answers meant to help you evaluate your options.

Should I fix my pontoon bimini top or replace it?

Let's break this question down below!

Thread rot , is it repairable?
Yes, restitching has to be done to all bimini tops for pontoon boats at some point. It's a fact, boat thread rots, unless it is lifetime thread and it is very unlikely that you have it or it wouldn't be rotten.

Important: Each year you should give your thread the tug test. Check to make sure it isn't rotten in several places. If you find rotten thread in one place, restitch the entire top, the other thread won't be far behind. This quick check might help keep you from a costly repairs.

How do I tell if my fabric in my pontoon boat canopy is worth repairing?
Can you see light through small cracks and holes in the fabric when you look up? Is the fabric brittle or thread bare? If so, these signs are an indication the fabric is gone.

Next give your fabric the tug test in several places, just like the thread. Grab it with both hands and try to tear it. Don't use excessive force, but enough to allow weak fabric to give way. If it stays stable and has passed your previous inspection, then it might be good a good candidate for a repair.

My zippers are shot, are they repairable?
Yes, zippers like thread will have to be replaced at some point.

The zipper sizes that normally come with a pontoon bimini is #8 or even #5 zippers. This small size zipper is typical of online pontoons tops. When you find it necessary to replace your zippers, ask for #10 zippers. There won't be much of a price difference and the zippers will last longer. When you couple zipper replacement with a restitch, repair prices starts to add up.

My pontoon bimini has a damaged frame, can I get that fixed? /br> It is hard to replace or repair square tubing at most local canvas shops. I think I can safely say, the majority do not bend square tubing. Bending these frames requires special equipment and since pontoon frame repair and replacement is a small segment of income for most custom canvas shops, it may not justify the investment. If the frame is really damaged or in poor condition. You may need to replace it with a product found online.

Note:(remember pontoon frames purchased online come in pieces with assembly required by you). This is because shipping the entire unit is cost prohibitive. Another thing you might check online are the specifications of the metal and materials. Not all online products are created equally.

If after you evaluate the fabric on your pontoon bimini top, it seems repairable. You will then decide if you have enough life left in the fabric and frame to make repairs worth while.

If you are unsure, your local custom canvas shop will be able to help you with this decision.

The difference between custom and online bimini tops for pontoon boats

How much will it cost to recover my pontoon bimini?
You will be surprised to learn that the cost to buy a cheap pontoon bimini top online, including both frame and fabric can cost less than a custom version at most, if not all custom canvas shops.

How is it possible to buy both the frame and the fabric for less online?
A big factor is the cost of production labor verses custom labor. Another reason, is the quality of the materials used. Also, online pontoon bimini tops are usually made with materials that are purchased in large quantities at a deep discount.

If I buy my new cover without the frame online, will it fit my existing frame?
If it does, it won't be a great fit, except by shear coincidence Each manufacturer for bimini tops for pontoon boats uses their own frames to make the patterns. So the chance of it fitting your frame properly is pretty slim.

Should I go ahead and buy the pontoon bimini top frame and all?
This might actually be a valid option for you, especially for older boats.

Here are some main points to keep in mind as you evaluate your online options.

  • The frame you will get comes in pieces that will have to be assembled by you.
  • The mounting hardware you already have on your pontoon boat may not work, so be prepared to add more mounting hardware to your boat.
  • The metal of this new frame may be of lesser quality than you are used to. The wall thickness may be less than what came with your boat. So shop around and notice the specifications when purchasing online.
  • The material may also be very basic quality (check the warranty on the fabric you are buying). If you can buy fabric with a 5 years warranty or more, do it.

The Best of the Bunch Pontoon Bimini Top!

Having the experience of a lifetime of fabrication, I've looked around to find one that you can buy and install yourself with all the right stuff. 

So whats the right stuff for pontoon bimini top in box?

  • 1.25" Aluminum frame with a 3 year warranty
  • All aluminum heavy duty hardware
  • Sunbrella fabric for the bimini top with a 6 year warranty
  • Solarfix lifetime thread (incredible to find lifetime thead in a bimini top in a box)
  • Zippered pockets
  • Matching Sunbrella storage top with light cutout
  • Adjustable rear support arms with storage clips
  • Front straps
  • Made in the USA
  • Free Shipping 

For other sizes search for pontoon bimini tops offered by Restore Pontoon

You just can't beat these features in a pre-manufactured pontoon bimini top.  

Pontoon bimini top add-ons

What do I need to do in order to attach a second pontoon top canopy to the main top?
You will need to have a zipper sewn in. Ideally you would sew this zipper onto a lip. A lip is basically a flap that hangs down from the forward and aft edge of the pontoon bimini top.

Our shop doubles the material on this lip for extra strength. A zipper sewn onto double thickness fabric is better than a zipper sewn onto a single thickness of fabric. After all, there is a whole lot of stress on the area where the zippers are sewn.

Many online pontoon bimini tops don't give you a lip at all. If this is the case, then you would need to have this modification done.

I would like to add a pontoon enclosure in the future.
Can I add an enclosure to the pontoon bimini tops available for purchase online?

Many of the pontoon tops you purchase online will have a hard time supporting an enclosure or pontoon top canopy extensions. They are not built with this added stress in mind.

If this is your plan and your frame is worthy, then plan on modifications or consider a recover done by a local custom canvas shop. They will reinforce it properly and sew the zippers in the appropriate places.

Next check your frame. A week, bent frame may be better off being replaced. Especially, when adding the stress of the weight, plus the wind factor.

Since pontoon enclosures are expensive, don't add one to old bimini fabric. Your local canvas fabricator should be able to help you determine the quality of the fabric and it's ability to hold up. Most fabricators do not like to build a bimini top that has to attach an older enclosure, and some may not even do it.

So start with the right stuff, that way they will age together.

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