If I send you a canvas top for a crownline boat, could you measure off it to have a new one sent to me?

by Crystal

Need a new canvas top for crownline. Also, what would a matching boot cost and would the top come with the poles too?

This is a great question to ask on this forum. I get a lot of requests for this type of duplication canvas work. The answer is no, I need to have the boat here. The reason is this; as boat canvas ages and sits on the boat it changes. I begins to take the shape of the frame it is sitting on. It also shrinks and some canvas becomes brittle. So once it comes the the shop, we would then cut it apart to use it as a pattern. You should see what they look like laying on the table, not much of a pattern. So if we were to go from that pattern, we would have to do a whole lot of guessing. What you wind up with is a finished product that is not usually even as good as the one you started with. So you'll find most custom canvas shops will say no to this practice, since we don't feel comfortable providing a warranty on a product we didn't have the boat for patterning. I do know there are some shops that will do this, but for me, no. Sorry I can't help you, but I do appreciate the question.

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