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In the US there are three big zipper manufacturers that are used on boat cover applications

In order of popularity:

YKK- UV resistant zippers (most common) but has no warranty

Lenzip- UV resistant zippers are the only zippers available that offer a lifetime warranty. They also YKK compatible.

RiRi- UV resistant zippers with a five-year warranty. RiRi zipper is not YKK compatible. RiRi marine zippers are almost not available in the US and I suspect will be gone before long.

Marine zippers have been a source of frustration for boat owners for a long time. After time exposed to the sun's UV rays, they begin to breakdown. They get chalky and become brittle. They eventually lose their teeth, or the teeth begin pulling apart. Another big complaint is the zipper slider.

Are there different sizes? Yes, there are, and it's important to know which size you have and which size you need to request if you are having custom boat covers built for you.

The most common sizes of marine zippers used in the industry are #5, #8, and #10.

In my shop we use YKK #10, and Lenzip #10. 

I keep #8 YKK Marine zippers for replacements on factory manufactured boat canvas. This is because many boat canvas manufacturers use them. If I had a choice, I would never use a #8 marine zipper.  My thinking is why go smaller when bigger is available. 

How do you know if you have #8 or a #10 zipper?

Click On The Link To Open
Actual Size Zipper Photo
Can Be Used On Any Device Right From Your Boat

Note:  You will need to give your  browser permission to display the actual size widget once you click on the link.

  1. Use the Actual Size Photo at the top of this page from any phone  or computer screen to figure out what zipper size you have right from your boat.  
  2. Use the form on the Contact us page and request a mini sample of both zipper teeth sizes and take them to the boat.
  3. Print PDF Actual Size photo, take it to your boat and follow the instructions.  Click Here for printable PDF!

Here is a picture of a separating marine zipper and the proper terminology starting with #2.

Separating means that the zipper unzips and the two sides completely separate from one another.

2. The #10 Separating Marine zipper
3. Insert pin
4. Retaining box
5. Box pin
6. Teeth Elements
7. Zipper tape
8. Zipper slider unit

Tips and Tricks for Pesky Zipper Problems

Below is a list of the things that are most likely to fail on a marine zipper, and what to do about them

Tip: Determine your boat zipper size (see what size zipper do I have)shown above, and keep a dozen extra metal zipper slider and stainless steel crimp-on zipper stops on your boat for repairs. In salt water boaters, replace the pulls once a year. Stainless steel zipper pulls are on the market for salt water boaters along, and they are worth the price since you can keep them for life and can put them on all future boat zippers you may have. Another nice add-on marine zipper option is a lanyard zipper pull. This cord attachment adds additional length and gives more to grab and pull the zipper up and down with.

If the retaining box breaks off.

  • Sorry there is no quick fix, replace the zipper.
  • Teeth on each half of the zipper separate and will no longer hold together. Check your zipper teeth for extreme degradation.

  • If you have plastic zipper sliders, try replacing them with metal zipper sliders. Vislon plastic zipper sliders weaken, and once that begins, they won't push the teeth together.
  • Preventative maintenance helps protect your teeth. Iosso makes a product called E-Z Snap Lubricant, and it is designed for use on snaps and boat zippers. Keep in mind, if there is substantial degradation on your zipper teeth, it does make the degraded teeth slippery. This can facilitate the failure of the locking bond between the two sides of the zipper teeth. This is especially so, in a load bearing situation, such as zippers for bimini tops. So if you use E-Z Snap Lubricant, it is best to use it from the beginning to slow down the deterioration and not after substantial deterioration has begun. Try wax based products for older zippers, such as; Bees Knees.  Bees Knees is great for new zippers too. 
  • Run your thumb across the zipper teeth – are the teeth falling off after applying a pressure touch? Is your thumb covered with what looks like white or black chalk? A little chalkiness is normal, a lot is a sign that the zippers are kaput and need to be replaced.
  • Stuck zipper slider

  • If you have a stuck zipper slider unit because of salt corrosion or age, try WD-40 and a hair dryer. Next, since by now you have several zipper pull replacements already on your boat, you can try prying open the zipper pull very carefully so not to break the teeth using a wide flat head screw driver and tapping it between the edge of the pull from the side and forcing the pull open enough to free the teeth. This takes time and patience and you can still break the teeth, but sometimes it works. If that doesn't free it, or you break a tooth anyway while removing the pull, then you might try using EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers for a quick repair or replace the zipper.
  • Also try white vinegar to dissolve the corrosion, then replace the slider. 
  • Here is a photo of  EZ-Xtend Boat Zipper

    You will find Ez zips very helpful for shrinking boat canvas, working as an extender zipper.  Another great use for our Ez zip, they make a great temporary solution for failing zippers until permanent repairs can be made.  Make EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers a part of your essential boat gear.  

    Marine zipper strain caused by material shrinkage

  • As your boat canvas ages, it begins to shrink. The more strain on your zippers, the more likely the teeth will pop open. This is the perfect time to try EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers as a spacer zipper to relieve the pressure. If possible, use EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers to relieve the pressure before zipper failure. They can be used vertically and horizontally as spacers between existing zippers. Installing EZ-Xtend boat zippers will help extend the life of your boat canvas and boat enclosures.
  • Zipper stop fails and slider falls off the bottom of the zipper.

  • Canvas shops use all kinds of ways to stop the slider from coming off the bottom a zipper, and some of them are not so great. Since you may have reason to replace a zipper pull anyway, you will want a supply of stainless steel crimp-on zipper stops on board. The #10 zipper stops will work on #8 zippers as well. Keep a few handy for repairs.

  • Order Your Separating Vislon Marine Zippers Here!

    Please Read Before ordering zippers

    The marine zippers we sell are the same zippers we use in our shop, and are shown on this page. They are made for an outdoor environment. 

    • The zipper slider that comes with our zippers is metal and has double locking pulls, that just means they won't open by themselves.
    • We aren't big fans of plastic sliders, but we understand that not every boater feels this way.  If you would prefer a plastic slider, we are happy to send you one with your zipper order to swap out the metal slider that comes with it. The bonus is you have an extra metal slider on hand.  You will find a text box below when placing your order to indicate your preference. 
    • #8 Zippers are only available with metal sliders.
    • A stainless steel zipper stop is sent with the purchase of every zipper.
    • Don't forget - Know what size zippers you have before ordering, you can find that information by scrolling up this page. If you are unsure, request a sample from our "contact us" page.
    • In our shop we carry common sizes of zipper that cover every boaters needs, so order the size longer than the actual length you need. They are easy to cut down. 
    • #8 zippers not available in 240" lengths.

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    Order your zipper sliders here!

    Please Read Before ordering sliders

    • Zippers sliders should be kept handy on boats, because the metal corrodes and the plastic sliders weaken with age break or get lost. In a salt water environment the metal sliders should be swapped out yearly. 
    • The #10 sliders are available in stainless steel, metal or plastic with locking double pulls. 
    • Sliders for #8 zippers are not available in plastic.
    • All metal and plastic sliders are sold in multiples of five.
    • Stainless Steel sliders are available in pairs.
    • If you have a slider with 10c stamped on it, you need coil sliders.
    • 240" only available in #10 size.
    • Order stainless steel crimp on zipper stops separately. 

    Click here to buy zipper sliders in the store!

    Order your zipper tabs here!

    Available colors

    • Black neobraid w/black tab
    • White neobraid w/black tab
    • Charcoal neobraid/w black tab

    View in Store

    Buy your stainless steel crimp on zipper stops here!

    • Stainless steel zipper stops were designed for #10 zippers, but will work for #8 zippers too.
    • They crimp on the last tooth of the slider side of the zipper as seen in the photo earlier on this page.
    • Zipper stops are sold in multiples of ten - $2.00

    Click here to view zipper stops in the store!

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