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Highlights on Bimini Top Boots:

  • Bimini Boot Cover for Storage
  • Measuring a Bimini Top Boot
  • Choosing Boot Fabrics
  • Zipper Choices and Repair
  • Buy a Custom Boat Boot Cover 

What is a bimini boot and how is it used for Storage?

Add a proper bimini boot cover to your list of very important accessories. Their purpose is to protect the bimini when it is not being used and to extend its life.

It wise to store the bimini top when you are not using it. Your fabric takes a severe beating from the sun, wind, and rain when left out and exposed to the elements day after day. To date, there are no lifetime fabrics on the market, and many shops use thread that will eventually have to be replaced. With this in mind, We suggest you store it covered bimini top boot cover if at all possible.

You should never tow your boat with the top up, it's likely to get torn and possibly damage your boat or cars behind you. It is 100 % necessary to store your bimini while towing.

If you're Bimini didn't come with a storage cover, then you will most likely be looking for a boot on the web.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when shopping:

 How are Bimini Boots Measured For Replacement?

  • Measure the width of the widest leg (A = ?). Do this several inches below the radius of the frame where the frame straightens and becomes the legs. Be sure to add 3” on either end to accommodate the fullness of the frames that are stacked upon each other.
  • Next, measure the entire circumference of the frames (B = ?) that are stacked on top of each other. This includes measurements of the fabric itself. You should not have to struggle to zip up,so allow a little extra.
  • Another tip that will help is to know the circumference of the collapsed legs (C=?) sticking out of the bimini top boot. Some of the boots on the market are too narrow here. Boaters have difficulty getting the boot zipped. If you are having one custom made, you can request that it narrows to your specifications around the legs which may help keep wasps out.

How to Measure Your Bimini Boot

Measuring Notes

A. Measure the width of the legs from the outside of the frame (this should be below the radius where the frame legs straighten out.  Please don't add to width, we will take care of that for you

B. Measure the circumference at center.   Pretend your fabric is inside the boot already.  This should be a comfortable fit and easy for you to zip. 

C. Measure the half section.  Lay the tape measure on the outside top of frame and measure from the center  down to where the boot will be stopping.  This measurement will help make sure your new boot comes down far enough on the side to cover your fabric, but not so far it interferes with the bimini top fittings.  This could stop the zipper from closing properly. 

D.  This is an optional measurement.  This narrows the opening where the legs exit the boot.  You can make the boot tighter around the legs if you wish.

For your Bimini top boot, sunbrella is a great choice

Choose long life fabrics such as Sunbrella® or similar fabrics with a 5 year minimum warranty for your bimini boot cover. If the warranty isn't listed, Google the name of the fabric along with the fabric's warranty, and you should get the information back on how long the manufacturer warranties the fabric. Pick the fabric that lasts the longest. That way, you will get the biggest bang for the buck.

Zipper Size Information

Try to find a #10 YKK® or a #10 Lenzip® zipper in your new boot. If you can't find a #10, then a # 8 YKK or Lenzip would be the next best choice. Do not get anything smaller.

What size zipper do you have on your bimini top storage bag?

See EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers for instructions that will help you figure out the size.

You can always order a boat bimini cover at a custom shop. Make sure to ask for Sunbrella and a #10 zipper. You can even get lifetime thread in some shops(not all custom shops offer lifetime thread due to the cost).

Scroll up the page to learn how to measure for your bimini boot cover.

When your boot zipper begins to give you trouble and it isn't convenient to have it replaced at that moment, then consider using EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers. Use this as a solution for getting that old, troublesome zipper back together again. It might save the moment and secure your boot until you can make preparations for zipper replacement. Consider keeping a couple EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers aboard as essential boating gear. Having one available may save the day in an emergency zipper situation.

Even #10 marine zippers have a limited lifespan and will someday need to be replaced (Sad but true).

The lifespan of the zipper will vary depending on your climate and the manufacturer. Lenzip Marine zippers do offer a lifetime guarantee, and they are the only zipper manufacturer to make that claim. Finally, you will most likely be happier with the fit of a bimini top covers made at a custom canvas shop. Then you can request the best materials available.

Using your bimini boot cover regularly will save you money in the long run. Be diligent about using it whenever possible.

We Are Proud to Offer You the Best
Custom Made Bimini Boot Replacement, the best Money Can Buy!

Bimini Boot

The standard bimini top boot without light hole

The standard bimini top boot with light hole

The pontoon bimini top storage boot with light hole

The photos below are boots our customers have measured, designed and ordered themselves.  

Thanks for the photos guys! 

You will love our bimini top boots!

Custom Bimini Boot
Boat and Bimini Boot
Sailboat Bimini Boot
Wakeboard Tower Boot
Pontoon Bimini Boot with light hole

What Makes Our Bimini Top Boots So Special?

  • Choose any color of Sunbrella fabric.
  • Weather you need a yellow bimini top boot or a pontoon bimini storage boot with light hole we can accommodate your request.
  • Custom measured by you, so your boot will have an accurate fit.
  • #10 Marine Zipper - As good as it gets in the industry and comparable to any custom canvas shop.
  • Our bimini boots are true custom canvas products.  

How To Order

  • Measure your boot according to the instructions at the beginning of this page.
  • Visit our store, fill in the dimensions, pick your color, and order your boot.
  • It's that easy!



Photos of Bimini boots our customers have measured themselves and what they have to say:

Boat and Bimini Boot

I hope the boat looks good to you, because it does to me.  It is also much more compact than the original Yamaha boot which was big and bulky both on and off. 


Custom Bimini Boot

I got the boot and put it on.  The fit is perfect and your workmanship is excellent.  I am very happy with it and so glad I ordered from you. Thanks again!

Les E. 

A happy email from one of our customers!

I just wanted to send a thank you for the bimini boot.  It's perfect.  It is very well made.  Again, thank you. 

Lisa G.

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