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About Tammy Hampton,
the "Cover Girl"

Tammy Hampton

I started my fabricating career more than 27 years ago while living aboard a 24' custom built sailboat in South Florida. I wanted a job I could travel with, so I became an apprentice in a local canvas shop for $4.63 an hour.

I had no idea that fabricating was my gift!

I love my career! I have a passion for "dressing out" my customers' boats and helping them a little along the way with boat cover support.

EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers came about when a customer asked me, "Tammy, can you do something about the snaps in my enclosure? They just won't snap". I told him I'd take a look. It was on that boat that I had a light bulb moment and realized it was a spacer zipper that he needed, not a snap extender.

I surprised him with the results, which you can see here on my website. Needless to say, he was very pleased!

It is my sincere hope that EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers can also provide solutions for your frustrating problems, thus prolonging the life of your canvas and making your boating life a little easier.

Happy Boating!

Tammy Hampton
Your "Cover Girl"

Boat Cover Support

Need boat cover support or advice? Looking for something you can't find?       


Our entire site is dedicated to boat covers: buying them, repairing them, having custom-made designs created and so on. We're delighted to help in any way we can!

One More Thing

Here is what we can't do for you. We can't build a custom boat cover unless we have the boat here.

We also don't duplicate old covers, it's really in your best interest and ours. We want you to have canvas you can be proud of and we want to build canvas we can be proud of.

We can do repairs of all type, so if you can't find someone locally, we welcome you to send us your cover for repairs.

Just fill out this simple form to contact us.

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You may be wondering why you don't see a contact phone number on this website.

The reason is that during the day we are running a full time, crazy busy canvas & upholstery shop. It takes so much focus and attention that we try to stay off the phone as much as possible in order to be productive.

Rest assured, we are monitoring email randomly throughout the day and always watching for your contact forms to come in. We respond as quickly as possible, and always have your best interests in mind.

Best of all, when we respond via email, you will get the phone number in the return response and can call anytime day or night! Just kidding, we prefer day time phone calls. So please contact us if you need anything, because we're here and available to help you.

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Best Regards,

Tammy Hampton

Please come visit me at Cover Girl Marine Canvas & Upholstery to see some of our awesome work!