EZ-Xtend Drip Shields
close your gaps!

What Are EZ-Xtend Drip Shields?

EZ-Xtend Drip Shields are stick-on clear vinyl shields that keep out the elements along the upper corners of your Bimini top by helping to close any existing gaps.

Boat enclosures are great for keeping you warm and dry, but sometimes the fit leaves a little to be desired. This is especially seen in the top corners where the bimini boat top and enclosure panels meet.

The fit of your boat enclosure may leave gaps, allowing water to infiltrate

Your boat enclosure may have gaps that allow water to infiltrate

This is the standard place where air and water get through. The gaps that may exist between your boat enclosure and bimini top may be slightly exaggerated after using EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers.

With this in mind, we offer our Drip Shields to help close these gaps for you.

The adhesive tape on our Drip Shields is aggressive enough to stick to Sunbrella and other marine fabrics.

3 Types of EZ-Xtend Drip Shields

Corner Drip Shields:  These stick-on drip shields are designed to wrap around the corner of the bimini boat top to close any corner gap that may exist.

EZ-Xtend Corner Drip Shields solve the problem of gaps at the corner of your boat enclosure
Corner Drip ShieldCorner Drip Shield

Straight Drip Shields:  These stick-on guards, similar to the corner drip shields, are designed for any gaps that may exist between two enclosure panels along the sides or front of your boat enclosure.

Straight Drip Shield InstalledStraight Drip Shield Installed
Straight Drip ShieldStraight Drip Shield

Track Drip Shields:  These are companions to the EZ-Xtend Boat Track. If you have installed EZ-Xtend Boat Track on your enclosure and have any gaps where rain can drip through, we recommend using our track drip shields to keep out the rain and cold.

Track Drip Shield InstalledTrack Drip Shield Installed
Track Drip ShieldTrack Drip Shield

EZ-Xtend Track Drip Shields

are companions to 

EZ-Xtend Boat Track

EZ-Xtend Boat Track: Provides a spacer that sits between your existing permanent track and the welt that is sewn into your enclosure panels. This solves the universal nuisance of shrinking clear vinyl boat enclosures.

Please see our EZ-Xtend Boat Track page for more detailed instructions on how to order this product. 

Boat Track

EZ-Xtend Boat Track 

Got Questions?

What sizes do the drip shields come in?

All three drip shields can be trimmed to whatever shape or size works best for your boat.

How do I install EZ-Xtend Drip Shields?

Corner Drip Shields and Straight Drip Shields are simple to use. Just ensure that your fabric is clean. Peel and stick the shields to the inside edge of your bimini boat top.

Track Drip Shields are just as simple. Slide them in between enclosure pieces and cut to whatever size is appropriate.

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