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Bimini top parts come in both metal and plastic.

The metal can be stainless steel or other types of metal, such as chrome-plated zinc.
Stainless Steel bimini top hardware is better than all other types of metal for bimini top hardware.

Here is a nice article explaining the difference between 316 and 304 marine stainless steel

Bimini Top Parts for Mounting 

The following photos show a variety of stainless steel bimini top hardware and  bimini top accessories mounting hardware.

These fittings will work in a variety of situations such as flat surfaces, rails, and side mounts.

Standard Flat Surface bimini top Deck mount hinges

Straight Deck Mount HingeStraight Deck Mount Hinge
Angled Deck Mount HingeAngled Deck Mount Hinge
Angle Shims Used to Correct the Angle of Deck HingesAngle Shims Used to Correct the Angle of Deck Hinges

Bimini Top Swivel Deck Hinges for versatile mounting solutions

45˚ and 90° Universal Bimini Top Swivel Deck Hinge45˚ and 90° Universal Bimini Top Swivel Deck Hinge
Heavy Duty 90° Adjustable Bimini Top Swivel Deck HingeHeavy Duty 90° Adjustable Bimini Top Swivel Deck Hinge

Bimini Top Side Mount Plates for Vertical Surfaces

Bimini Top Side  Mount Deck Plate (4 hole)Bimini Top Side Mount Deck Plate (4 hole)
Bimini Top Side Mount Deck Plate (2 hole)Bimini Top Side Mount Deck Plate (2 hole)
Side Mount with Concave Base 75 DegreesSide Mount with Concave Base 75 Degrees

 Bimini Tops Rail Mount Hardware 

Bimini Top Concave HingesConcave Deck Mount Hinge
Bimini Top Hinged Rail Mount Jaw SlideHinged Jaw Slide
Machine Screws Flat HeadMachine Screws for SS Side Mount Deck Plate 2 Hole & SS Hinged Jaw Slide

Nylon Deck Hinges

Nylon Deck HingesNylon Deck Hinges
Deck Hinge / Slide Combination NylonNylon Deck Hinge/Slide Combination
Slide for Deck HingeNylon Slide for Deck Hinge
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Mounting Tips for Bimini Top Stainless Steel hardware hinges

  • Use at least # 10 stainless steel screws for mounting hinges. 
  • Screws should be over 1" in length. Deck hinges take a lot of strain.
  • Always caulk your screws before installing mounting hardware.
  • Always countersink the fiberglass before installing a screw.

Countersinking means the hole you have drilled needs the fiberglass reamed out around the opening to keep the screw from cracking the fiberglass as it enters the boat.  This can be done with the same phillips head bit you are using to put the screw in. 

Drilling into a stainless steel railing requires a sharp, new cobalt or titanium drill bit. It helps to have a center punch to indent the stainless steel where you want to begin drilling.

Stainless steel requires thread tapping for a SS bolt, since screws won't thread into stainless steel.

Bimini Top Quick release mounting hardware

Quick Release Bimini Deck HingeQuick Release Bimini Deck Hinge
Round Head Quick Release Bimini Deck HingeRound Head Quick Release Bimini Deck Hinge

Why would you want to use quick release bimini top parts?

Because they are low profile and allow for quick removal of your  top from the boat. Sport fishermen, water skiers, etc. love these quick release hinges, but they are pricey.

Problem Solving Mounting Accessories

This next set of accessories highlights some of the problem solving mounting accessories you will need as companions to your mounting hardware.

Knurl ScrewKnurl Screw
Slide Locks - NylonSlide Locks - Nylon
Quick Release Pin with Pin and CableQuick Release Pin with Pin and Cable
Quick Release Pin with DCAM-S RingQuick Release Pin with DCAM-S Ring

Shims/Wedges correct the angle at which hinges sit on your boat when installed.

9˚Nylon Shims9˚Nylon Shims

(Top View)

10˚Oval Nylon Shims10˚Oval Nylon Shims
9˚Nylon Shims9˚Nylon Shims

(Side View)

10˚Oval Nylon Shims10˚Oval Nylon Shims
  • Knurl screws are nice for easy removal without a screw driver.
  • Slide Locks are inserted in the bimini slide track to secure the slider mechanism.
  • Quick Release pins can replace screws in bimini top fittings. This aids in quick bimini top frame removal. However this would require enlarging the existing holes with a drill and the correct size drill bit.
  • Wedges can be used for angle correction. Deck hinges installed on boats that don't have the correct angle may not be compatible with the angle of the bimini top you are installing.
  • Wedges can act as a shim to correct the problem. Just remove your deck hinge from the boat, re-caulk, and add the appropriate wedge or shim between the deck hinge and the boat. You can even add more than one for a more severe angle correction.

Ball Socket Hinges and Fittings

We're showing this group of  parts together. These fittings are not interchangeable with any other type of fitting. They stand alone as specialty bimini top parts hardware.

Ball Socket Large Flat Base Deck HingeBall Socket Large Flat Base Deck Hinge
Ball Socket Concave Base Deck HingeBall Socket Concave Base Deck Hinge
Ball Socket Flat Base Deck HingeBall Socket Flat Base Deck Hinge

Pull Pin w/Lanyard for Ball Socket Deck HingesPull Pin w/Lanyard for Ball Socket Deck Hinges

Ball Eye EndBall Eye End
90° Ball Eye End90° Ball Eye End

Ball Socket Jaw SlideBall Socket Jaw Slide

You will want these swivel fittings for three reasons:

First, these are heavy duty, expensive looking fittings and they look great on boats!

Second, and more importantly, they serve a very special purpose. They allow an irregular frame to bend, lay, and store smoothly. An example might be a bimini that is wider in the front than the aft.

Third, with the swiveling ball and socket you can move your bimini in ways that other fittings won't allow.

 Set Screw for 

 Bimini Top Fittings

Jaw Slides

Bimini Top FrameBimini Top Frame

Jaw Slides and Eye Ends are bimini top parts that join the frame together.

Standard Jaw SlideStandard Jaw Slides
Nylon Jaw SlideNylon Jaw Slides

Most boats have the standard jaw slide  
nothing unusual about that, but look at the Next three!

Hinged Jaw Slide

Hinged Jaw Slides are often used for mounting tops or support arms to the boat railing. They are very handy hinges and can be used anytime you need a hinge that needs to open and fit around the tubing.

Side Mount Jaw Slide

Side Mount Jaw Slides are used to reconfigure a bimini that is held open with straps to a self-supported bimini. By adding a support arm on each side of the frame, this pushes the bimini top open with pressure.

Hinged Sliding Side Mount Jaw Slide

Hinged Sliding Side Mount Jaw Slide  is used the same as the side mount above, but opens to clamp onto the frame making it much easier to put in place where needed. 

Set Screw

Set Screw for Bimini Top Fittings 

Machine Screw - FlatheadMachine Screws for Hinged Jaw Slides

Machine Screws for

Hinged Jaw Slides (above)

Look! no straps!
Self Supporting 

Bimini Top

Notice how this bimini top has no straps.  When the support poles run horizontally is considered self supporting. 

Eye Ends

Outside Eye EndOutside Eye End

Nylon Inside Eye EndsNylon Inside Eye Ends
Nylon Outside Eye EndsNylon Outside Eye Ends

Adjustable Eye EndAdjustable Eye End

*A note on inside eye ends:

The sizes shown above are for the outside diameter.  So a 3/4" inside eye fits inside a 3/4" outside diameter tube.  

Tips for
Troublesome Eye Ends

Broken inside eye ends are difficult to get out.  

Solution:  Cut them off and cap the end with an outside eye end. Be careful to cut right where the metal tubing begins so you don't shorten the legs.

Set screw won't hold the leg of the bimini.  

Solution:  Use outside eye ends with 2 set screws. I especially love this eye end. The double set screw gives extra holding power and since the eye end is the chief component responsible for this action, extra holding power is vital.

Sagging bimini top you just can't pull out. 

Solution:  Retrofit your support arms with adjustable eye ends pictured above and you can hand twist the pole to tighten and loosen the fabric.

Allen wrench stripped and spinning in the set screw.  

Solution:  Here is a trick we use that works like a charm most of the time.

  • Take your Allen wrench and grind the tip down on a grinder until you get past the rounded out end. This will create a bur at the end of the Allen wrench.
  • Take your Allen wrench back to the boat and use a mallet to tap the burred end of the Allen wrench into the set screw.
  • Slowly back out the set screw. The bur fills the space and creates a new gripping surface.
  • If that fails, drill out the damaged set screw and replace the bimini top fitting with a new one.

a few other bimini top parts worth mentioning

Snap ButtonSnap Button
Locking Rail HingeLocking Rail Hinge

Nylon Boat Top Spacer for Clear Vinyl Side Curtains

Nylon Boat Top SpacerNylon Boat Top Spacer
  • Snap Button - You may have support arms on your bimini top that adjust in length by pressing in a button , sliding, and allowing the button to pop out of the next hole. The snap button pictured above is the mechanism that allows this to happen. It often get's lost, so I thought I would give you the photo and the name for replacement purposes.
  • Locking rail hinge – This piece of  hardware is used to collapse the support arm brace of dodgers quickly in order to move the self-supported frame out of the way. Gemlock® is another type of the same style hinge.
  • Side curtain spacer – Used to keep clear vinyl boat enclosure panels off of the metal  frame so they don't burn or get scratched by the metal frame.

Bimini Top Pole Clips

These pole clips are used to attach the support pole to the  frame or to other tubing on your boat.

Bimini Top Pole Clips

Bimini Top Pole Clip Holder / Curtain Spacer

These pole clips work easily for 7/8" OD Tubing  holding your poles securely and eliminate scratching and discoloration on enclosures.

Bimini Top Parts used in making bimini top straps

Eye StrapEye Strap
Single Bar Adjuster BuckleSingle Bar Adjuster Buckle
Dee RingDee Ring

Wire Snap HookWire Snap Hook
Heavy Duty Snap HookHeavy Duty Snap Hook

Plastic bimini top parts are common on factory canvas. It makes sense to consider replacing with heavy duty parts since bimini top parts are under so much stress. That includes choosing the heavy duty snap hooks instead of wire snap hooks when possible. See our web page bimini top accessories for a more detailed discussion of bimini top straps.

Bimini top support poles are also covered in detail on our bimini top accessories page.

We hope this gives you a good overview of bimini top parts and a few tips you can use. Feel free to contact us with questions!

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