Loose jaw slide and eye ends that won't tighten

by Larry

I have 2 jaw slide and eye end pairs on a upside down U-shaped part of the frame that is supposed to swivel upward to keep the bimini top up and tight. Both have become loose and are allowing the U-shaped frame to swing downward and not support the canvas. Tightening the screws seems to have no effect on the tightness of the joint. How can I correct this?

The joint in question is exactly like the one you have pictured on your website, only the jaw slide has a flat head screw that has a head outside the jaw rather than a recessed screw (like your picture) holding it in place.

It's hard to say from here what is going on, but it sounds like you may have some problems with the screw itself and if you have the wrong kind of screw in there now, it most likely means someone had a problem to start with. I am guessing that the original threads the screw used are stripped. This all leads me to believe that your best bet is to replace the afflicted bimini top parts. I'm not sure you can fix it any other way, unless you can use rivets or move up in size with the screw, but if you try to move up in size you will have to drill and tape the hole again. It really may be easier for you to just replace the parts.
Hope this helps!

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