Can you replace the front hold down straps with a rigid snap brace?

by Randy Riddle
(Saluda SC)

Want to replace front hold down straps with rigid braces that snap onto top of side rail.

Hi Randy,
Yes, you can replace the strap.
You will need the pole, the eye ends that will go onto the ends of the pole, a jaw slide ( this can be either the slide on style, or hinged), if you can't or don't want to disassemble your frame.

Then last you will need a way to mount to the boat or rail.
For rails your options are drilling and using a concave deck hinge or a hinged jaw slide which will open and go around the rail. For flat surface mounting you will need a deck mount and there are several styles.
You will find pole assemblies for sale on my bimini assessories page here. and you will find the bimini top parts here.

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