I'm looking for the screws that go in the jaw slides. Do you have those? They are like a set screw but u need a flat head screwdriver to remove them.

by Jason Herrera
(Santa Maria, ca)

Hi Jason,
The set screw you are looking for goes into a humpback stainless steel bimini fitting. Either an eye end or a jaw slide. The trouble is, they are harder to come by. I looked through several catalogs this morning and didn't see one, but will look further for you today when I get into work.
A traditional set screw will work in this fitting, but doesn't look as nice because it recesses so for down into the fitting. I will get back to you after I have had a chance to thumb through a few more catalogs that carry bimini top hardware.
Thanks for the question, I'll see what I can do.

Hi Jason,
I was not able to locate these slotted set screws from a distributor, but I did here locally. How many of the slotted set screws do you need.

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