Is there a way to attach the rear bimini tube to a mizzen mast?

by Rick Stanford
(Galesville, MD)

I'd like to eliminate bimini straps so access to the cockpit and sheet winches is clear. I'd like to attach the rear bimini tube to my mizzen mast and then make the bimini self-supporting by using a horizontal tube between the front and rear tubes. Is there a fitting (or combination of fittings) that can be used to attach the rear bimini tube to the mizzen mast? Hopefully, the attachment fitting will allow the tube to be removed easily so the bimini can be removed from the boat (comparitively) easily. I've found some pictures of the concept on the Internet (see attached) - but I can't make out the mizzen fitting. Thanks

Sure, you can do that.
Hopefully you have a bit of space between the mast and the bimini. 3.5 inches should do it.
You would mount one of these fittings to your bimini, they are used for mounting solar panels.

Then a simple deck mount to your missen.

Then you will use a short piece of tubing with an eye end on either end. The length of this piece you create would be determined by the space between the bimini and missen.

Hopefully looking a the links I have included will create a visual for you.

On your horizontal supports you will want one of these two sliding side mount hinges to help the support bar stand off the side of the bimini. One is hinged for easy of use and the other slides up from the bottom and requires the temporary removal of the hardware in it’s way.

Hope this helps, feel free to reach out for extra help. Tammy

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