Loose Bimini Support pole

by Capt Mike
(Beaufort, NC)

Have a vertical pole that has outside eye ends that connects to a Straight Deck Hinge with screw on one end, and to a jaw slide with screw on the other. There is a lot of movement in windy conditions where the eye ends go into the deck hinge and jaw slide. I have tried to tighten the screws, but they will to go any tighter. I tried to place washers, but not enough room. Can the jaws be squeezed tighter, or what would you suggest.
Thank you!

Hi Capt. Mike,
I am going to assume you are referring to the entire bimini top having some shake and you don't feel like the poles are stabilizing the top enough. This problem won't be solved by dealing with the existing poles. The best solution is either wiggle straps or wiggle poles. Either of these can be put diagonally from the where your poles now are and mounted diagonally running downwards towards the center of the boat.

When one pole is take at that diagonal angle, it serves to stabilize the entire top. If straps are used, you would need two going diagonally. This can be done on a windsheild, a center console or in the back at the stern.
Hopefully this makes sense. Good bimini top parts question.

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