Does the knurl screw fit a side deck plate?

by David
(boston, MA)

I am trying to figure out the hardware on a new to me searay with canvas enclosure. It appears to have three side plates and one deck hinge as attachment points. I need to find screws or pins for the deck plate. Also I need retaining cables to keep from loosing them. Thanks.

Hi David,
It depends on the side mount deck plate. There are two basic types for bimini top parts, one has a 2 hole mount and the other has a 4 hole mount. The two hole mount does take a knurl screw. The 4 hole plate takes a bolt. A 5/16" to be exact.
As for the pin, probably not. Pins with lanyards come with a stainless steel ring, such as; the type used on a key rings. The problem is that there is no place to attach it to a knurl screw or the bolt. The other end of the lanyard could easily be attached by running the screw through the tab while running the screw into the boat, but that really doesn't help when you can't attach to the bolt.
I hope this answers your question.

Hi David,
I have to amend my earlier answer that a knurl screw with a lanyard doesn't exist. I just found one while doing some research. You can see it here. I'll have to look into getting some of these.!&ea_q=cable
Thanks again for the contact.

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