trailering with bimini

installed a bimini on a 17.5 boat on the sides so bimini has to sit on the flat side when trailering there is to much stress on the poles the boot of the bimini has to be raise @ 6 to 8 inchs to take the stress of the whole unit ?? do you sell support poles that short or do people trailer the boat with it up 30 to 60 inchs doesn't look to safe to me the tubeing is 1 inch any help would be great

Thanks Peter

What you are describing in done quite often on pontoon boats. How it is done is by adding a jaw slide to the very top of your back bimini support poles, right at the top where it connects to the bimini frame.
From that jaw slide you attach a mini (say 8" support pole). Then you disconnect the pin for your support pole at the boat, fold it in towards the frame lay your frame down onto the boat. Now your little mini support pole will obviously have to have a deck hinge mounted to the fiberglass to receive you mini support pole. You will also want to secure the longer folded support pole underneath to the frame with a velcro strap or similar so it doesn't bounce around. Doing this does take a tremendous amount of road bounce strain off your bimini frame and helps preserve the fiberglass at the mount points. If you need a photo, I will sketch something up and upload it for you.
Hope this helps.

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