Need all new enclosure poles

We just purchased a 1987 23' Searay Weekender that came with bimini and a camper enclosure canvas, but no poles. Do you sell the poles and how do I know which sizes to buy?

This is a good question Karl and the answer is going to be a big disapointment to you.
The canvas that was created for your weekender was built to the frame dimensions, not the other way around. It will be close to impossible to build a new one for the the configuration you have. It would be a complete guessing game.
You have length and spacing of at least 5 bows, width, which includes where to begin the radius, along with the camber of the top to factor.
Then mounting on the boat, and height of this configuration.
It's a mathmatical nightmare to say the least.
If it were something you could do yourself and understood you might stand a chance, just by going slowly and making educated continual adjustments, but to pay a fabricator to do it. Well not much of a chance of that, but hey you never know. You might check around just in case. The cost of repacement is worth asking anyway.

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