Can you install a bimini top facing in the wrong direction?

I recently purchased a 14' aluminum fishing boat that already has a Bimini Top. The top when lowered will fit down inside the boat and is aerodynamic to tow when the straight down tubes are facing the bow; however,it looks like it might be facing the wrong direction? When I turn it around,with the curved (down by the bottom mount)down tubes facing forward,it won't fold down as low. Facing with either end forward, the height seems to be the same both in the front and back. I don,t want to be the only guy running around the lake with his top on backwards !! LOL

That's a great question Larry.
Normally the long leg bow is the back bow. It is common to see them flipped on sailboat dodgers, due to the support arms needing to be in the front instead of the back and a few other reasons I won't go into now.
The only thing that will keep you from flipping yours around will be your pride. Other than that, you can do it what ever way suits you. It's not common, but you will won't be the only one I am sure and also just a glance at a bimini top and the frame work doesn't jump out that quickly at you.
You might take a photo of your boat from a bit of a distance both ways and see how it looks, just to make sure it doesn't look ridiculous.
So do what ever makes you happy.

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