mounting & dis-mounting for travel

by John
(Lebanon, OR, United States)

I had a bimini installed on a 19.5 Bayliner Capri. The dealer installed it on the sides with knurled knobs, he told me that with this boat you have to take the bimini off when traveling, he also said he would not honor the warranty if the bimini was raised when traveling. I was wondering if this is true and if it is possible to add support poles (about 24") for traveling so that I do not have to dismount & re-mount the top. I am usually by myself when using the boat

John, you can retrofit support arms, but even then you should lay it back and boot it. It is still tough on a bimini top even then. The shake going down the road can wreak havoc on the the bimini top parts and mounting locations and still your dealer may say that he will not cover it. How about laying it down and putting a couple of pieces of foam under it where it lays and solidly securing it. Then you wouldn't have to literally remove it, but instead lay it down and secure it.

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