Are your zippers YKK or Lenzip?

by Jorge Dikdan

I need to replace the full canvas and Biminis on my Sea Ray EC390 and would like to know if the zippers you sale are the YKK or the Lenzip ones?
Did I understand you recomend the metal zippers and sliders?
How you call the zippers that separate like the jacket type or the ones that doesn't?

Hi Jorge,
I sell the ykk, but lenzip and ykk are compatible. They weren't always that way. Lenzip didn't always zip well to ykk, but the zipper they sell now does fine. The zipper tape that is on the lenzip is a bit wider than the ykk zipper, but otherwise they are pretty much the same.
I do recommend the metal sliders, but only if you are one who is great about boat maintenance. They need to be swapped out on a regular basis in a salt water environment. Plastic works great for awhile, but it weakens over time and when it does, you will find it has trouble keeping the teeth together and gets a little rough (sticky) in it's operation. What it really boils down too, is that either way you should replace your zipper sliders regularly.
A zipper that separates, is called exactly that a marine separating zipper. One that doesn't is a non-separating zipper or continuous zipper. No really special terminology.
Continuous zipper for marine use is either Vislon or Ziplon teeth. Ziplon can also be called coil zipper. I love ziplon separating zippers, but they have limited availability in sizes in the US. Ziplon is used by fabricators a lot for smile zippers. They have a super smooth operation and zip easily around curves. OK, probably more info than you were looking for. I hope I have answered your questions well, if not post a follow up comment.
Thanks, Tammy

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