How to replace zippers on larger enclosure

by Sarah
(Boston, MA)

I need to replace zippers and I ran into a problem. I tried replacing one side of the enclosure while keeping the zipper complete (both sides of zipper still zipped up) and then I unzipped it so I can sew the other half on the connecting piece of enclosure. My problem with this method is that with the second sewn piece (the unzipped zipper), the zipper stretched and is too long so they don't line up when zipped up. My question is how do you avoid this? And if you sew each side with an unzipped zipper is it a problem that the zipper ends up being stretched?

1/4" superstick double sided sticky tape is the answer.
Crawl is common when sewing in a zipper. It usually happens when the fabric is flipped over and sewn from the other side.
The sewing machine feed dog and foot are walking at a slightly different pace, so if you sew one time from the top side of the fabric and then flip it over and sew from the other side, you get this stretching or shrinking action.
You will be very happy with 1/4" sticky tape, now you know the insiders secret.
Good question, thanks!

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