Bimini Zipper Problems

by Chuck
(Longwood, FL)

The zippers on my bimini top (2000 Regal Commodore 2460)are shot - corroded. The slides are jammed and now broken. I tried to free-up using white vinegar but with very little success.

My plan is to replace all the zippers on the bimini. The matching side curtains and zippers are all in excellent condition. So, I'm thinking if I switch-out the bimini zippers, they should match-up with the side curtains and "all is good". Is this a feasible plan??

Yes, it is a feasible plan. You will need to know what size zipper you need and you can find out how to measure and figure that out on the marine zipper page. The other information you will need to keep in mind, is how many teeth are on the side you are removing. In order for your enclosure to fit like it was originally planned to fit, you will need to make sure it begins and ends in exactly the same place and has exactly the same amount of teeth between the beginning and end of the zipper. You can do this by zipping the new zipper half you are replacing, onto the corresponding side of the enclosure panel. Then cut off the excess zipper, while the new zipper is zipped to the panel. Once that is done, you can get busy sewing it in. Just keep an eye on where it is ending as you sew it in. That way if it creeps a bit during sewing you can make the adjustments while you sew.

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