what kind of machine is best for sewing marine zippers?

by roxane

I need a heavy duty machine and don't know what to buy.

Hi Roxane,
Good question.
I think that depends somewhat on your budget and your space for sewing.
The most common machines proffessionals use are Consews 206 models, Phaff, Juki, Adler any of these should be a compound walking foot sewing machines. These models also require a table and motor. You can pick up one for about 1800- 2300 new and for 600- 900 on craigslist. This might be more machine than you really need.
You also could consider Sailrite sewing machine. Not great for a proffessional, but if your looking to sew a few marine zippers in you will do just fine with it. It's a table model and comes with a carrying case, so it is more mobile.
At any rate, and industrial sewing machine is your way to go. I think you will do just fine with any of the above.
If you go with one of the proffessional machines, be sure to contact the manufactuerer so you can be sure that you have the correct model. You don't want to be underpowered with a machine that is a compound feed walking foot, but was designed for curtains and not canvas.
Good luck with your search.

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