do i repair a tear in bimini top the same way as boat cover?

by lindy

caught corner in overhead boat shed and have an L shaped tear of 3 inches. i also will restitch seams as rest of canvas still good.

The repair for a bimini top is a little bit different. The reason is, because you can see the underneath side of the bimini top when you are sitting under it. So an unsightly repair detracts from your enjoyment. So that being said, you would take a bit more care with making the side you see look good. Usually when making a patch you would turn all sides of the patch to give a neat finished edge. The trouble is, that it is hard to accomplish turning the edges on both the top and the bottom at the same time for many seamstresses. So a solution is to use a fabric that matches in color, but doesn't require turning on one side. We sell a canvas repair kit that might be helpful for your repair. You can find it, if your interested on the canvas repair page, also you will find instructions on doing a patch on the same page. Here is the link.
Thanks for your question.

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