Do you advise cutting a hole in a cover to create a place to have a zipper?

by Josh
(South Windsor, CT 06074)

I just purchased a new waverunner. It came with a nice new cover to protect it from the elements. I attach the waverunner it to my dock with mooring whips, which attach to the cleats on the side. Due to rope I am unable cover the machine. Is there a way, and is it advised, to cut the cover to create a hole to expose the cleats on the side in an effort to attach the rope from the mouring whips and spring line to attach to the clear on the machine. This would allow me to keep it fully covered?

Is this something I can do with products you offer or do you recommend having it done professionally? If professionally then what type of company, if not yours, could do this? I live in South Windsor, CT and my lake house is in Winsted, CT. I hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks in advance. Josh

Hi Josh,
This is common problem. The problem with creating a cleat hole is doing it with strength. Not only from the standpoint of tearing the fabric, but from rope chafe.
I do have a good option for you. It's a reinforcement for your cleat. It would need to be sewn in with an industrial sewing machine, but would solve the problem.
I'm glad you sent this question, because I thought I had added it to the store, but had not. I'll do that today and come back and post the link for you in case you want it.

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