Hoping, hoping, hoping

by Steve Fuhrman
(Virginia Beach, VA)

I'm a new boat owner. I bought a 2005 Key West DC. The curtains, that seem almost new / never used, have clearly shrunk & I am hopeful that your product will save the day.
A couple of questions:
1) a 1 inch extension will help but in some spots I have a gap of even 2 inches. Are you planning additional products like giving the option of 1, 2, or 3 inch extensions?
2) do you sell a kit to make multiple zippers out of a long length; that is. I have 3 18 inch (or so) zippers that need extensions -- can I buy a 5 foot length & make 3 zippers out of it?

Steve Fuhrman

Hi Steve,
Those are some good questions.
First off, I have had many people tell me the have used multiples to acheive more than 1". So yes, you can do that easily by zipping one to the other to acheive the desired length.
Second, no, each zipper comes with a pin and a retaining box at the start of the zipper. This is used to mate the zipper halves and begin the zipping. So each zipper can only be used once. No kit availble a this time.
Thanks for sending some great questions.

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