There are 16 teeth per inch on this cover.

by M. Adams
(Jax, FL)

I am trying to replace the zipper for a cover to the awning on the boat. There are 16 teech per inch. Will the #8 or #10 work, or neither.

thanks for your help.

The cover I think you may be talking about is called a storage boot. It is the cover that fits over the bimini top while the bimini frame is stored in the collapsed position on the boat. I think the zipper you may be talking about is a #5 vislon separating zipper.
We don't normally stock these marine zippers because they are weaker than #8 and #10 marine zipper. If you are plan to replace both sides of the zipper and do not have to match teeth left elsewhere on the boat, then I recommend moving up in size to the larger #8 or even a #10 zipper. These boat zippers are much stronger and will last longer for you. You can order both of these boat zippers from my marine zippers page. You can also contact me directly with the form on my about us page. I don't post my phone number online to prevent phone number skimming for the purpose of spam. I am happy to chat with you anytime. Thanks for the inquiry!

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