zipper availability longer than 93 inches?

by William R Elliott
(Seattle WA)

I have two number 10 zippers for my canvas on the fly bridge they are over your 93 inch limit are black and the actual length is 96 inches. do you have 96 inch zippers extend type available for purchase? I am a repeat customer as you know thank you.

I can custom make you any length up to 120"
The difference is they won't be bonded like the normal ez-zippers are. In other words , I would sew them for you instead of bond them. If I do this, you won't be able to cut them to length, so you would need to have an exact measurement.
The ez-xtend zippers I sell as 93", actually start their lives as 96" zippers. When you order a regular marine zipper that is 96" the teeth stop at 94" and the last 2" of the zipper is just plain zipper tape that extends past the last teeth. So a 96" zipper is really a 94" zipper, then when the zipper is bonded to make an ez-xtend boat zipper, they shrink just a bit. Actually the finished length is 93.5" .
Anyway if you would like to have one that is a true 96" zipper then just order a 93" and email me a reminder and I will sew one up for you and send it along. Just know that if you cut the sewn zipper off, the stitches will unravel. I hope I am making sense.
Thank you so much for being a repeat customer.

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