How do I sew a zipper in an arch or semi circle?

by Dorothy

I'm not sure if I need to cut the zipper different lengths! I'm not sure which side to sew in first! Should I sew the inner part first or the outer part. I tried clipping each side of the zipper; but I still am having trouble getting it to look good when I finish! The part that I am putting the zipper in is to hold life jackets under some tops. I hope you can help me!

You maybe missing a helpful component, 1/4" double sided sticky tape. Be careful that you don't try to make the radius to tight. That makes it harder.
The two sides of the marine zipper should be cut to the same length. Sew the outside radius first. If you have sticky tape put it on the inside zipper radius. It will help you stick and hold the zipper in place while sewing. If you don't have tape you can loosen the tension on your sewing machine to the point where you can pull one thread and by doing so you can actually gather the fabric. After gathering the fabric you can tie off a knot, correct the tension and sew down the zipper. Then pull the loose thread out and you have a nice even pleated zipper in place. Feel free to contact me for further info if this isn't clear. Use my contact us form and it will get you in contact with me directly.

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