How do I get the #10 zipper pull onto #10 coil zipper that was cut to length without damaging it so it opens and closes correctly?

by Laurie F
(Minneapolis, Mn)

I am attempting to replace a zipper on a boat cover but don’t know how to get the zipper pull onto the cut length zipper so it will zip and unzip properly? It is not a separating zipper but is for a closed end opening. I have never purchased them separately before so this is new to me. This is not an EZ Extend zipper but rather a cut to length zipper. I did not get instructions for this with my purchase. Thanks for your help.

Hi, Thanks for reaching out on this.
It just came to my attention that this was a challenge. We will get working on those instructions.

First, notice that a coil zipper is flat on the back side and the coil teeth are raised and are on the top side of the tape.

Second, look at the profile of your slider, You will notice that the raised coil side will need to be turned so it slides into the slider comfortably.
If you flip the slider over a couple of times and test this, you will notice that it will slide in comfortably one way and not the other. So make sure you have it flipped correctly.

Next, I prefer to separate the zipper chain a couple inches or completely separate the two halves and feed the two halves into the slider from the big side, so when it comes out of the narrow side the chain is closed.

If you try and slide the closed zipper chain into the small side of the slider you will have to use a T-pin or scratch awl to dig down and pry the zipper chain apart inside of the slider. It’s doable ,but not easy.

I hope this helps.
Your invoice has our phone # on it and you can call anytime if you need more help and we will FaceTime or do a video for you.

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