ez extend for zipper repair

by Mike
(kingman, arizona)

I had half a zipper replaced, thinking the other half was protected by a flap on my Bimini top. Now teeth are breaking on the older half, can I use this product to repair the bad zipper and stitch where teeth are missing? Very difficult to replace old zipper..

Hi Mike,
This is a very good question and I think a big help to others. With marine zippers, just because they are covered with the bimini top doesn't mean they are protected from deterioration. Just as you have figured out. The other concern is that once you see one zipper go, you will very likely see other zippers break up soon.
As far as using EZ-Xtend boat zippers as a repair zipper. I recommend it's use as emergency only. When teeth are breaking off such as yours, it really is time to replace. The other problem you run into is that your asking the zipper to also work under the load put on a horizontal zipper. It's a lot to ask from your old zippers.
I know it is hard to get that bimini off for the necessary repairs, but I recommend zipper replacement and go ahead and replace the rest of the zippers while the bimini is off. The other thing you should check for yearly is thread integrity. You can do this by pulling hard directly on the threads in several different places. If the bimini frame has to be disassembled in order to remove the bimini top , it is worth fixing all of it at one time. Sorry I couldn't give you good news in regards to using EZ-Xtend Boat Zipper as a repair zipper.

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