The Zipper pull has popped off do I need to get it fixed before I can use the EZxtend

by Penny Beaty
(Tipton, Indiana)

Pontoon Boat Cover is So tight that I popped off the Zipper Pull Trying to zip it. How does the EZx tend attach? Will I need to get the puller fixed first?

Hi Penny,
If the slider slid off the bottom of the zipper it can just be slid back on and a zipper stop added to the last tooth to keep it from sliding off.
If it literally pulled sideways off of the teeth, I must assume it is a plastic slider and might benefit from a metal slider in it's place. The plastic sliders weaken with age.
If you replace the slider and the zipper works again, but is two tight. An Ez-xtend zipper might work well for you.
It works for two tight zippers, because it is a zipper with teeth on opposing sides. It zips between two halves of a zipper, adding nearly an inch of extra slack. Be sure to read the EZ-Xtend Zipper page before ordering, to learn about zipper sizes and when to replace the zipper.

If I haven't answered all of your questions, feel free to ask another. Thanks!

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