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Jul 28, 2017

by: Tammy

Hi John,
Aqulon Edge is 100% waterproof. No breathability. Cooler to the touch by 30% than competitors. Ideal for hot temperatures.
Aqualon has a soft hand. Aqualon itself has been around for a long time. The Perfecta Marine treatment technology was actually designed for Sunbrella, but wound up being used on polyester which it was compatible with.
Aqualon before Edge was around, would begin to show signs of age, crazing and eventually cracking. Also some fading.
Now with the treatment we can expect a couple of things from this new technology. If it stays 30 % cooler, it will age slower. Thus the expanded warranty from 5 years to 7 years.
You can also expect less sweating beneath the cover, dryer on the inside.
I'm excited about the fabric.
Weathermax is breathable, light weight and easy to use. Strengthwise, it may be a bit tougher than Aqualon edge.

Top Notch 9 tough all around fabric and breathable, it seems to have great longevity. I use it a lot and have enjoyed it, as well as my customers.

FYI, there is another new offering with perfecta marine technlolgy. I haven't added it to the website yet, because I just found out about it. Harbortime Edge, 100% waterproof, 7 year warranty, 13 oz. tough, if you want something heavier.

As to which to use, I'll have to let you judge for yourself. Your call :)

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