Are pulled threads a worry?

by Nicky
(Cambs, uk)

We drove through some branches which scraped our new cavnvas canopy. One branch has pulled a thred and created a tiny bobble on the top of the canopy. Should we be worried? Do we need to do anything?

Hi Nicky,
I am guessing we are talking about Sunbrella as the fabric. It really shouldn't cause trouble for you. The fabric can't unravel, as the weaving is too tight for anything like that. A good example is when we pattern a new cover, we use a little snap that snaps right on top of the snaps in the fiberglass. It's called a quick fit pin and it has a 1/2 tall pin that sticks straight out and we use it to hold the fabric in place while we make our pattern. It pokes a hole clean through the cover and being the imperfect human beings that we humans are, we usually have to move the cover around on those pointed pins until we get the pattern to fit properly. This leaves a poked hole in the middle of the fabric wherever the pin was. It's unavoidable, but the tiny whole never causes any grief.
You should be alright, just keep an eye on it.

I do however, not recommend towing with the bimini up. It's rough not only on the canvas and frame, but the mounting hinge and the drill and screw point, as the top shakes and shakes going down the road it can cause wallowing out where the screws mount into the fiberglass. If possible go ahead and lay it down and secure inside a storage boot so the wind doesn't whip it and tie down
thanks for the question.

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