can you recommend some material for me?

by George

as we do not have a canvas shop nearby,I do not know where to go for advice.I want a good grade clear vinyl good edging material and also good snaps
what would you recommend?
Do you ship to Newfoundland Canada?
summers are cool..fall is cold and winter is coooooold!!!
Hi George,
The sewing machine and budget will dictate this advice.
If it's a home sewing machine. You won't be able to sew with much more than 20 gauge which can be bought by the roll or sheet. Some materials for the edge might make it to thick to sew with on a home machine. I would get a basic marine polyester for the edge such as surelast.
You can just double the plastic on the edge but extreme cold makes plastic brittle so you might want the polyester on the edge.
If your machine can handle a little more, I would use 30 gauge. Roll plastic has less clarity, but is much better on the pocket book. Roll also has a softer hand, but gets a little flimsy with heat, kind of saran wrap like.
I will ship to Canada with a confirmed paypal account.

You didn't say if this was for a boat or something other than a boat.
Use contact us page to reach me directly. Would love to help!

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