how do you clean the plastic shield of the enclosure

by Patti
(Philo, Ohio US)

We have an enclosure for a sea ray. the plastic pieces across the front are very dirty (fromn previous owner) these are the pieces that you need clean in order to drive boat in rain and see out of them . . . how can I get them clean?

Hi Pattie,
Great question.
The best way to handle the cleaning of clear vinyl is to first remove any dirt or grit that comes off with a hose and soft cloth.
Then I would make sure you buy a product that is designed for cleaning clear vinyl. Alcohol, coleman fuel, etc. should not be use. No windex or rainx either.
Plexus, Imar (favorite), Davies Klear to sea are good choices. If it is more than just dirty clear vinyl, but is scratched, then you may have to use Imar, Novus, or Mequires for plastic. Sometimes the dirt and scratches won't come off and the age and care have taken their toll. If the plastic doesn't clean up to your satisfaction, especially in the front where you need the clarity, you may be able to have your local canvas shop replace the clear vinyl leaving the edges intact.
These panels should always be clean and dry when stored. Inter-leaf with towels or sheets and store flat if possible. If that is not possible roll them up inter-leaved with some pool noodles inside so the you don't get crinks in the vinyl.
Hope this helps get your clear vinyl ship shape.
Enjoy your new boat.

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