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Oct 30, 2016
Weathermax pucker
by: Tammy

I wish I could tell you it will completely go away, but it won't.
You are sewing railroad on the fabric. Up into the roll along the selvage. Sew across the roll and it will lay perfectly flat.
Sew railroad on any boat cover material and there will also be puckering, although not so much as weathermax 80.
Try a 22 needle and don't let the machine do all the work. Make sure you apply pull/pressure out of the back side of the needle. The pressure will help. Also different sewing machines due to the way they are timed, etc. will do a bit differently. The 35 thread you are using sounds like the equivelent of 138 here. A larger needle may help. The other factor is weathermax is lighter than many other boat fabrics.
Most fabricators I know, including myself learn to minimize the puckering with the direction and pressure to the seams on the build of the cover. You also may find some relaxing over time. But the overall feeling here with weathermax 80 is use it and learn to work the puckering. Good luck with your project!

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