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Mar 07, 2019

by: Tammy

Good Question!
Let’s start with the fact that all clear plastic shrinks as a statement.
I would say with that in mind, there are different ways fabricators will think about that and defend their products.

I can tell you that nearly all fabricators that I know would prefer their jobs come out perfectly flat and wrinkle free. Shrinkage be damned.

Do all of them have the skill to pull that off? No!
It looks like you chose one that did not and asking him/her to make it so after it has been fabricated is most likely not going to happen. Had you looked at any of their other dodger jobs before asking them to do it?
There are a few resons this problem can happen to a degree that you are describing. Patterning, installation and fabrication or even all of the above.

Dodgers need the most highly skilled fabricators of all to get that perfect fit.

I don’t have good news for you on this. If it’s wavy and loose it will most likely always be wavy. As for loose, it may tighten up a bit over time. Have you spoken to the fabricator yet?


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