how to relace the sinch cord on a boat cover

I need to replace the cinch cord in my boat cover, is there an easy way to do this.

If your existing cord isn't rotten, tie the new cord onto the old cord and pull it thru. This is usually not the case, so you will have to do it the hard way. Get a piece of 1/2 pvc about 12" long and fish your new rope through the pvc and bring it around the pvc back to itself and tie it off securely. Then you will have the stiff PVC that will help you feed it thru the casing.
The only way this wouldn't work is if the casing is to narrow to fit the pvc with the rope through it. It's really important to make sure the knot you tie is secure. You don't want to loose the knot half way through that casing in that boat cover.
Hope this makes it easier for you.

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