I have mildew/mold on my boat curtains and around my boat windows, do you have any suggestions on how to treat this problem?

by Tina Powell
(Petaluma California USA )

Mildew/mold problem on my boat

I see you ordered a few different products Tina. I like your choices. Iosso mold mildew and stain remover is very good for all types of fabrics. It will help with mold and mildew. Do allow it to sit for awhile before removing. There are times that mold is so stubborn, nothing but l little clorox will do. Trouble is that it will cause premature thread rot. Starbrite also has excellent products, of which I have not started to sell at this point. For the plastic, you also made some good choices,, however if you are seeing black/brown speckles in the plastic. You may be mistaking an aging problem that happens to plastic that signals the end. These speckles are not removable and will worsen. There is nothing that will remove it. If your canvas and zippers are in good shape, you can consider replacing just the plastic. That will help you get along for awhile. If it is scratched try 210 or Novus.

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