In what order should I remove a bimini enclosure for a 1993 carver 300 sedan?

by Donna
(Kingston, NH, USA)

I've installed the bimini enclosure, but have never removed it. I'd like to do so when we'd like to have full sun on the flybridge. Thanks!

Hi Donna,
It sounds like you also want to remove the bimini or store it as well, so you can have full sun.
Well, starting with the bimini enclosure, you will be happiest removing it in a clockwork order.
Making a designated panel #1.
I don't know how you plan to store it, but let's assume that you want to keep it on the boat somewhere.
If that is true then you will only be able to store so many pieces together due to bulk, weight and storage compartments.
So you could group as many as comfortable together for convenient storage, maybe 3 panels.

Then when you get ready to put them back up, you can reverse what you did taking them off. Pretty easy, really.

Next let me take a minute to talk about how to store them.

First make sure they are clean and free of salt and other debris and completely dry.
Buy old sheets, towels, or soft cotton fabric you can pick up at the fabric store.
Most clear vinyl scratches easily so interleaving the panels is important.
Next, should they go into a compartment then you will need to keep them from collapsing and creasing.
An easy way to accomplish that is to buy some pool noodles at the dollar store and use 3 of them bundled together to create a core to roll the panels up onto.
Doing this keeps the plastic from collapsing and interleaving keeps them from scratching.
Again try to roll, maybe 3 panels at a time, too much weight is going to cause excessive imprinting of zippers or snaps on the plastic piece below it.
Most indentations, such as this, come out in the sun.

Better yet , if you are done using them for the season, take them home and lay them flat and interleaved. Or suspend them from the ceiling on a cardboard carpet tubes.

As for the bimini, if you lay it down it should be stored into a bimini storage boot, that will keep it from flapping around it the wind. If you have a different bimini situation, feel free to upload a photo and I can see it before commenting.
Thanks for the question.

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