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Jun 27, 2022
pontoon bimini
by: Anonymous

I have a 4 bow frame with a 8 foot length canvas, can the frame be wdjusted to take a 120, 10 feet canvas?

The only way you could extend the length of your 4 bow pontoon bimini top, is to split the frame mounting position from one single railing mount to two railing mounts on each side.

If you just spread the frame open, without adding a second mounting position from single to double you would lower the overall height and that wouldn’t work out unless you have an unusually high pontoon canopy and can stand to loose a good bit of height.

To turn a single mount bimini into a double mount bimini this would be done is by separating the leading front bow and the leading back bow from one another.

You would need to install new eye ends onto the bottom of the legs on the front bow.
Then the front bow of the frame would move forward and mount to a new spot on the railing.
The newly installed frame hinges would now be about 3 feet apart.

Once the bimini top has split mounting points on either side, you could achieve both your desired length and keep the needed height.
Now you would need to remake the bimini top fabric.

Hope that helps and that I have described it well enough.
Best Regards, Tammy

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