learning how to make a boat cover

My son wants me to make a boat cover. Do you have any suggestions on learning how to do this and what is the best type of sewing machine to use? Thank you for any help you can give.

My email address is brendacantrell37@yahoo.com

Brenda Cantrell

I do have some suggestions for doing this.
Starting with the sewing machine.
Most likely you are thinking of using your home sewing machine. If so, you will need to find out if it is up to the task. Many are not, so get some of the fabric you will be using and see if it will sew it.
It will need to go through 3 - 4 layers of fabric at some point and that isn't easy for most home sewing machines, if not impossible. So check this out first.
The thread you will be using is UV 92 polyester thread. Your machine will not take anything bigger and anything smaller will be a waste of time because it will rot to fast.
Next, go to youtube and search for boat cover and watch several videos. You will find abundant information for making boat covers. Pick the method that looks like you can comfortabley tackle it. Don't get too complicated with your first cover, just make it functional and strong. You can build on your techniques over time.
I applaud your thinking of doing this yourself. It is rewarding and fun to produce a boat cover you have made yourself. Who knows we might just be looking at the next marine fabricator.
Thanks for the question.

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