Modifiying a windshield-snapped bimini,/topper

by Guy H.
(Southern Idaho)


I have a 1978 Starcraft 16' SuperSport. It has the snap points for an original
windshield-snapped bimini,/topper. I bought a used one, a two-bow top, but I would like to modifiying the windshield-snapped bimini,/topper. It is too short to function under and I would like to heighten it. I am worried that if I do so, that the topper wouldn't fit properly. I am wondering if I 1) can add/extend/replace the tubing if it will still work properly or if I can even do that, and 2) would I need to add an extension (like a clear see-thru vinyl) onto the snap-on section to the windshield?

Any input would be appreciated.

Guy H.

Hi Guy,
You open up a can of worms, but it is doable.
The inserts that would be strong enough to handle the job are near 30.00 each. You have the entire weight of your bimini riding on the attachment point of the long bow of the frame, which is the one you would extend. So it needs to be strong.
Extending the primary bow will also move your entire top backwards. So you have to be willing to loose front coverage and to answer your question no, you would no longer be able to use the top in its original position. Your best bet here is to replace, but I understand that it might not be possible.
I hope this helps.

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