Mold on coated surface of Sunbrella Plus Oyster

by HJ
(Bay of Islands, New Zealand)

Our canvas maker installed Sunbrella Plus instead of the Sunbrella we requested. Color is Oyster. After 2 months the coated side of the Plus fabric has severe mold growth. Where the uncoated side wraps around the frame and is therefore under the dodger and adjacent to the moldy coated side there is no mold. Nor is there any mold on our sail cover, winch covers or binnacle cover, all of which are in plain Sunbrella Oyster and have been on the boat for two years. Does this make sense? Has anyone experienced a similar problem?
Hello HJ,
Yes, sunbrella plus has had some problems with mold on the coated side, particularly on oyster. I would suggest that you try Iosso Mold Mildew and stain remover or starbrite canvas cleaner. Then you might possibly spritz it with white vinegar weekly and see if you can inhibit the growth. I don't know why it's happening on this product, but you will have to try and keeping it cleaner than you would normally keep it. There are other products for mold on the market, but they may hurt the canvas. I little white vinegar should do the trick.

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