My enclosure beats against the framing poles. Is there a bumper I can install to diminish this beating?


to keep the enclosure from flapping and beating on the stainless steel framing.

Yes Fran, there are a couple of ways to handle this.
boat top spacers - these are snap on plastic clips that provide a barrier barrier between the frame and the boat enclosure. They come in both 7/8" and 1" to clip on different diameter frames.
The come in white, natural and gray. You'll find them on this page at the bottom.
Another way of handling this is with a product called sun socks
made by Taylormade products. These are cut to lenght fabric wraps that velcro around the frame it self and again provide a barrier of protection between the boat enclosure and the frame.
I do not sell these at this time.
Another less fancy way, is to put pressure sensitive loop velcro directly on the frame, so the plastic rubs up against it. This way isn't my favorite, because of the eventual problem with the sticky left behind when the velcro fails.
I hope this helps and solves your problem.
Thanks for the inquiry.

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