Need a new trailering cover for my '89 Thundercraft Nova.

by Mike
(Ontario, Canada)

I am on the hunt for a new boat cover for storage/trailering. I still have the original canvas cover, but its no longer any good .I've called local places and they said that Top Gun is the newest and best fabric for boat covers. I'm not sure ehat to do becausr my research online seems to have me questioning that. What would your recommendation be for a cover for that kind of use? I want a cover that will last for many years. Fadeing is not really an issue with me, as long as the fabric still does what it's supposed to do. Thanks for your help.

Top Gun has been around for many, many years. They have corrected some of the early fade problems and have given a 5 year warranty on it. It's a 100 % waterproof boat cover material. It will eventually breakdown and crack, fade etc. and the unpleasant things boat cover materials can do as they age.
They may have been talking about Top Notch and also Top Notch 9. I use both and think they are both terrific fabrics overall. They had a few problems early on with the burgandy fading and water repellency . They seem to have corrected the problems. Top Notch is a killer touch fabric and makes a great towing cover. Top Notch 9 makes a nice cover and is phyically stronger and more water repellent than sunbrella. I like them both a lot.

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